Tohatsu Pump Portable V20FS


Tohatsu Pump V20FS Kualitas Terbaik , Gratis Ongkir untuk Daerah Khusus Ibukota  Jakarta

Store:  Jakarta

There is also a model that available for sale in EU.
Small and compact with unmatched pump performance

Engine 198mL Tohatsu 2-stroke, air-cooled gasoline engine Authorized output11.7PS (8.6kW)Pump performance 525 liter /min. at 0.6MPa 250 liter /min. at 0.8MPa Priming Rotary vane vacuum pump Dry Weight46kg

Specification V20FS

Type : 2-stroke
Number of Cylinder : 1 Cylinder
Cooling System : Air Cooled
Bore x Stroke : 66 x 58 mm (2.6 x 2.28 inch)
Piston displacement :198 mL (12.0 cu in)
Output : 8.6 kW (11.7 PS)
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline (Min. 87 Octane)
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.95 Lit (1.57 gal)
Fuel Consumption 5.9 Lit / Hr (1.56 gal / Hr)
Fuel System Single Carburetor with Auto Choke
Oil Tank Capacity 0.5 Lit (0.13 gal)

Starting : Electric and manual
Suction System : 4 Blade Rotary-vane vaccum pump (Oilless-type)
Priming System : Manual

Pump Type : Single Suction, Single Stage centrifugal pump
Suction Thread and Dia. : JIS 2-1/2″ (65mm) & BSP 2-1/2″ (65mm)
Discharge Thread and Dia. : JIS 2-1/2″ (65mm) & BSP 2-1/2″ (65mm)
Discharge Number : Single
Discharge Valve : Flat

Dry Weight : 46 kg (101.4 lbs)
Wet Weight : 52 kg (114.7 lbs)

Overall Length x Width x Height : 530 x 475 x 537


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